Domestic Reinsurance

Pinc Insure offers a risk advisory, and direct general insurance broking services across India. Our team works closely with you to construct and implement advanced solutions. Risk specialists work with clients to understand their business needs, and risk management philosophy to provide the best solution.

Global Reinsurance

Pinc Insure offers reinsurance intermediation services across several business segments and geographies. We structure reinsurance solutions to cater to your needs, while backing the same with reinsurers of repute. Our expertise in risk management and loss prevention enables us to deliver structured solutions for complex financial risks. This lets us offer innovative and cost-effective risk solutions across industry sectors for both small businesses as well as large enterprises.

Claim Management

Pinc Insure offers a diverse range of innovative services to mitigate risks and reduce financial impact. Our seamless approach to claims management ensures adequate insurance coverage and allows for effective coordination during claims. Our experience of handling large and complex claims is across various needs. Managing the expectations of the insured and ensuring adherence to policy terms and conditions laid out by the insurer / reinsurer requires experience, domain expertise and skill. Our dedicated team focuses on just that.

Our pro-activeness and application of concepts by using a process oriented approach helps in smooth execution. Claim situations, both, small or large generally require the involvement of third party experts in the form of loss adjusters and assessors. As an intermediary, PINC coordinates with technical loss adjusters and attorney firms involved in the claim and endeavour to meet the expectations of all parties involved.